About MyStartSite

MyStartSite is a personalized homepage allowing you to search multiple sites, provides easy access to your favorite sites, and allows you to receive news headlines.

Currently to perform a search, you would go to Google or Yahoo. If you want to buy something, you may choose to use Amazon or eBay. When you go to Wikipedia or YouTube, you go there with a search already in mind.

MyStartSite allows you to search these websites- and more- by serving as a single starting point. You can view the results from a selected search engine without having to actually go to the homepage for that specific search engine. As a customizable homepage, you can also store your favorite bookmarks and receive news headlines (from RSS feeds).


The advantage

When you search, you most likely go through the following steps:

  • Step #1:
  • Open your web browser
  • Step #2:
  • Type the web address of the search engine you want to use
  • Step #3:
  • Enter your search criteria

With MyStartSite as your homepage, you can skip Step #2. Once you open your browser, you have access to search multiple websites without having to go to them. Click here for instructions on how to set MyStartSite as your homepage


Privacy Statement

Your e-mail address will not be given or sold to any other company. MyStartSite does not store what you search, although your browser might.



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